Electro-welded meshes

The Pittini Group, with 5 dedicated facilities (in Italy, Austria and Slovenia) and a widespread commercial network, ranks among the first European manufacturers of electro-welded meshes.

Thanks to continuous investment in plant modernization, the Group is an example of efficiency combined to high quality products.

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Standard meshes

The industrialization process of electro-welded allows to satisfy the requirements of speed, ease of use and competitiveness of the building yard.

The Pittini Group ensures a high quality product as a consequence of constant investments to achieve the highest level of technology in the manufacturing plants.

The facilities of the Pittini Group manufacture a wide range of electro-welded meshes with high quality HD (High Ductility) steel, whose properties are guaranteed by stringent checks performed throughout the whole manufacturing cycle.

Thanks to the wide sales network it’s ensured to customer a punctual technical and commercial assistance.